spring sown onion sets?

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spring sown onion sets?

We have been growing

Stuttgarter Giant


But thought I would ask if anyone had any thoughts of others we could give a trial. I did look in technical articles but that was dated 2001 , has there been anything in forum or magazines as I am not sure how to search..can you

Of we have had good success muti sowing Robelja see in modules , virtually non going to seed where previously red baron sets had lots going to seed ,maybe just seasonal but we are going to continue any thoughts on this ?  mick


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The only spring planted sets we grew commercially were Sturon, we tended to plant spring sown modules of other varieties, the maincrop usually being Hytech F1 which always yielded well and stored well into the following spring.

We've also trialled Santero from seed which has some mildew resistance which proved very useful when spring sown crops were planted near overwintering onions.

The only year we grew red baron from sets we got at least 50% running to seed, alongside sturon which produced a lovely crop, however when we grew reds from seed they performed well.

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