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Drought Survivors

After weeks of climate change chaos how is everybody doing? Conditions worse than 1976 but public/our customers seemingly a lot less aware.Our last proper rain ended May 3rd, but we had a rare break with a random (not forecast) storm of 15 mm this week.While we have hoed+cultivated relatively little we have spent lots/more(?) of time moving irrigation lines.We have used highish pressure mains water. Tsunami tape has been effective on Lettuces and T Tape+hand/lance watering ok on field crops.Tunnels have been fine but plant raising not so clever.Yields of many crops are high+forward.

Sales dropped markedly in early July as domestic gluts affected demand.Bit of wholesaling has helped plug the gap so far.

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Is everyone too busy /

Is everyone too busy / worried / tired to answer?  Guy Singh-Watson has done a good blog on how worried he is about climate change and whether this is a turning point. My (very small scale) production is OK but involves a lot of watering and working early and late, the temperatures in the tunnels at their peak makes me marvel that the plants are doing as well as they are.  The mange tout go from small to too stringy in a moment it seems -anyone have a variety that is OK? Salad brassicas shot fast, but that is not that unusual at this time of year. Which lettuces are best in this heat? Local conventional strawberry production is being hit badly by lack of pickers, the sight and smell of rows of rotting berries brings the potential and actual impact of Brexit home. There was the first significant rain last night (Perthshire) but climate change and Brexit remain...

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