Job opportunities at Radford Mill Farm

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Job opportunities at Radford Mill Farm

Job opportunities at Radford Mill Farm: full time fruit manager and field vegetable manager.  On-farm accommodation, shared facilities with other residents, general management of 112-acre long established certified organic mixed farm.

Radford Mill Farm is a 112-acre organic mixed farm, and we're looking for two full-time farm workers - -  a fruit manager and a field veg manager.  Both positions require practical experience and good background knowledge, familiarity with organic certification (OF&G), enthusiasiam for developing small commercial production at a well known long established organic farm in Somerset.   The soft fruit field is about 1.5 acres, and there's up to 6 acres to make use of for vegetables.  On farm accommodation is either either a room in our Farmhouse or a separate caravan.  Applicants must be very practical, able to take on a variety of small-scale building and farming tasks as well as maintenance and operation of horticultural machinery, and willing to assume responsibility for all aspects of the fruit department or the field veg department - - growing, cultivating, supervising assitants and volunteers, harvesting, marketing and selling.  Good record-keeping is required to meet the certified organic requirements; we've been certified organic for 39 years.  Some investment in equipment is possible but each department should be largely self-financing after the first year.  

Apply with CV to [email protected]