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Jim Aplin
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It would probably be more useful to post this in spring, as now is harvest time; but just a quick plug for growing bare-root wallflower transplants for anyone with a market stall, roadside stall etc. 

I've done them for a few years now, and when I look at the space and work it takes to grow them for what I get back, I'm sure that they're a better return than any vegetable.

I sow direct sometime in May when the soil's warmed right up - normally in a small patch at the end of some brassicas where I haven't had quite enough transplants for the ground cultivated. I haven't had any problems to date, except poor germination when I've sown earlier. No pest problems yet. They only need a quick weed or two, and they're very quick and easy to harvest and bunch in newspaper.

Also easy to sell direct - they're a traditional product for gardeners that is now in very short supply; far better value than the pot raised stock in garden centres.